Our Mission is to help Animals and educate our  communities around the world

Orphanage Project

A day with the Kids in Tijuana Mexico. 

Spend a wonderful day with our kids from the Orphanage. You would be surprised to see how far a simple smile, a kind hug and a loving word can come. We provide Food, Clothing and other necessities. 

Tijuana, mexico

Visiting homeless living in the Tijuana Canals

Spend a day providing bags of food, sandwiches we made, personal hygiene bags, clothing, shoes, socks and other necessities. Sometimes ones biggest wish is simply to be heard.  Sharing our time is a priceless donation anyone can give. 

Fundraising event

We celebrated our birthday with a fundraising event!; PAE, proteccion animals Ecuador and other animal rescues.  We received donations of dog food and bedding for animal rescues and donations of electrolytes for PMCC, Pacific Marine Animal Center. 

Nazareth 2014

Orphanage donation drive. We visited the children of  Rancho Nazareth in Tecate, Mexico, a catholic non profit organization  with more than 45 boys. We delivered donations of food, clothing, shoes and toys. We spent the day getting to know the kids, playing soccer and visiting the animals in the ranch. What a rewarding experience we had to spend the day with these wonderful and educated boys. Thank you Rancho Nazareth for the opportunity to spend the day at your ranch. 

Canals 2014

Donation drive for Homeless project, Canals, Tijuana Mexico. Laguna Pet Spa together with Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi, Shorty Pit Boss, Operation Love Mary Lea and all volunteers visited the thousands of people living in the canals (sewers) in Tijuana Mexico. Many of them coming from different parts of the world looking for a second chance,a different kind of life for themselves and families.  We shared an afternoon listening to life experiences, stories, sharing a lunch box meal and passing out clothing and other donations. What a humbling experience it was to see the conditions they live in and listen to stories on how they arrived to this particular location. Many people live there with kids, pets and families. (kids pictures not shared ). Mission accomplished in company with Operation Love Mary Lea, Shorty Pit Boss and the many big hearted volunteers from USA and Mexico!

Pet C.P.R and First Aid Training - All year long

Laguna Pet Spa counts with two Pet CPR and First Aid Instructors. We provide courses to our communities around the world in English and Spanish. We are able to provide our Pet Professionals with certification for full courses and provide certificates to our community members and Pet owners assisting our courses. 

Feeding homeless Animals at Tijuana
We perform regular visits to Tijuana, Mexico to provide Food, water, flea medication, dewormer and other services to our furry friends with no homes. It is always a mix emotion to perform this labor, with great sadness and joy we Love our homeless furry friends.  
Linda Blair Adoption Event
Adoption event at Judi’s Laguna Pet Spa with Linda Blair Academy Award-nominated actress  and of course an animal activist known for her role as a demonically possessed girl in The Exorcist. Linda Blair is the founder of Worldheart foundation a pet rescue organization. We provided boarding for the animals to be adopted, we set up tent outside the shop and fortunately 4 doggie friends found forever homes. What an awesome day!
L.A. Homeless Christmas Project 2013
Fundraising event for our Los Angeles homeless project. We collected donations of clothing, shoes, essentials and put together hundreds of lunch bags. On Christmas day we hit the streets of LA  visited our homeless community and Women’s center, we passed out donations and shared a very rewarding Christmas day. 
Reuse - Reduce - Recycle 
Judi’s Laguna Pet Spa is part of the Green Business Bureau, we are committed to our recycling projects on a daily basis.  We have a recycle bin on site for cans, bottles, batteries, electronics and other recyclable items. Help Save our Animals and start your recycling program today!
Japan Tsunami Fundraising Event
Fundraising at Judi’s Laguna Pet Spa for the Humane society of Japan. After this terrible event took place, many animals were left homeless, hungry and with nowhere to go. Many organizations worked together to save these animals. We were proud to be a part of this and provide a small relief to the humane society.  
P.A.E. Ecuador
Fundraising event for PAE (Protection to Animals Ecuador) Donations personally transported to Ecuador by Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Springer Browne. Thank you doctor for your generosity of transporting an additional luggage with our donations for our doggies in Ecuador!